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Tale of Transformation

It was an ordinary fall Saturday, with most people engrossed in college football. Instead, I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend a yoga class at my gym. I summoned all my courage. Life at that point was a struggle. My wife had died six months prior. I was still a mess. Life overwhelmed me, and I felt lost and powerless.

New beginnings

The sound of Tibetan bowls in that one-hour class altered my life, mesmerizing me. As I packed up and departed, a shift in my mood occurred, and my constant heaviness lessened. Years later, I learned that sounds have energetic effects on our bodies, and my body craved energetic healing.

Finding hope

A year passed, during which I diligently followed recommended grief steps like exercise, counseling, and socializing. Grief and the uncertain future of my family home drained my energy. Weeks after the yoga class, I discovered a nearby town had plans for a massive road to be built through my family home for the last four decades. Faced with unrelenting hopelessness, I hesitantly took a life-altering step, reaching out to an alternative care practitioner. The desire to relieve my pain had overcome my fear. The memory from the singing bowls had lingered and fueled my search for comfort and lightness. I told myself, just go once and see, you don’t have to return.

Describing the sessions proved challenging, yet I recognized their crucial role in my survival. 

Shortly after starting this energy work, life threw another challenge my way because of the months of stress. My health was now in jeopardy. Four months later, after enduring hospital stays, emergency room visits, consultations with many doctors, and a few surgeries, I emerged with a determined commitment to heal and broaden my perspective.



One evening, I attended a talk by a retired corporate professional turned shamanic energy practitioner. Following the introduction, she stood before the audience, arms raised above her head, holding a rattle in one hand and a small bottle of liquid in the other. Speaking both English and Quechua, she began a ceremony, chanting and facing each compass direction, from south to west, north to east, and culminating with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Although unfamiliar with Quechua and the ceremony, it felt strangely familiar, as if I had performed it countless times before and could anticipate her next words. At that moment, I realized my life’s mission was to study shamanism. My journey to becoming an energetic healer began that night.

I am certified by The Four Winds Society as a Master and Advanced Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine.

From darkness to light

The ancient shamanic practices and healing techniques brought about a profound transformation. Eventually replacing the days of waking up with dread and no outlook beyond my morning coffee, with a deeper purpose. Challenges became allies, and pain became the fuel for growth and the pursuit of new dreams.

Previously confined to a narrow focus, I gained the ability to see, from a broader perspective, unveiling new doorways and possibilities. These transformative shifts guided me towards a new life map and direction.

Those vivid memories of dark days and long nights, filled with dead-end paths, constantly remind me to be a guide for others. I am driven to share this healing energy work so pain and suffering may become your fuel for change, allowing you to live life in balance.


Sharing empowerment


Start your own healing journey today; contact me. Even if it terrifies you, do it today. Especially if it scares you. Let’s talk and see if we are right to work together. Your privacy is always safeguarded, and there’s no fee or obligation.