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When life’s challenges and traumas become overwhelming, I restore balance. Hi, I’m Lyn, a shamanic energy practitioner.

Life is full of joy and challenges. Lost happiness and ease because of life’s challenges can be restored, reshaped, and remapped through shamanic energy work. My work can help you navigate through catastrophic losses or a series of obstacles that hinder your progress. By working together, we can achieve balance, ease, self-trust, and a renewed sense of power and direction in life. My heart is drawn to women who have experienced a profound loss and are seeking a fresh path of joy and ease in their life.


Let’s talk about your fresh path.


It seemed like the world stopped when my spouse died. I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. 

Which is normal. Yet, for me, those powerless, fear filled feelings continued for an extended time and were growing each day. 


My identity, that was my safe zone and shield from the world, was gone. 

I felt scared. My spirit had been extinguished. I thought I would never find my way out and would always feel broken and lost.

My life is so different now. Taking that first terrifying step has led to unexpected benefits, stemming from my simple and desperate attempt to reduce the pain. My fear of the future left. The days no longer feel endless, and I no longer dread their passage. That change brought with it a newfound sense of awe, where possibilities and opportunities are limitless. Now I welcome each day, and my lists of interests and pursuits always exceed the hours in the day.


By blending my past with new dreams and visions, I have found the perfect foundation and path for my new life. 

My experiences of pain and fear became the fuel and source for the transformation of misery into personal growth and empowerment.

If this sounds all too familiar and you’re ready for your new future, contact me and let’s chat.

Even if you’re scared, especially if you are doing it scared!

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